Each Basement creates an unique enviroment. The best way to finish a basement is to install materials that will minimalize future problems and expenses. Water damage, mold, and mildew are the major issues that plague basments. The intial investment in materials will save you thousands of dollars over time. However we do understand that not every basement requires every precaution and the cost is always a major factor. This is why we have options. Depending on your area or just your peice of mind waterproofing maybe be the first step. If you have high humidity in your basment, drywall of any type is not going to be a great option. If your basement is dry and mostly above ground maybe a vapor barrier is really all that is required. We have years of experience installing every product on the market. Construction materials are evolving and the best product 10 years ago is probably no longer the best option. We do thorough research to make sure we always have the best options available.

Our Most advanced option:

We still feel this is the best option on the market to finish your basement.

1 Creation Construction Basement System: Our Panel

Magnesium Board – Water and Mold Resistant

1 Creation Construction Panels are made from highly durable Magnesium mineral board. This unique inorganic material offers waterproof and mold resistant qualities which make it ideal for building panels. Most of the home construction in Europe is now done with Magnesium instead of gypsum (sheetrock). Magnesium is now used for interior wall covering to exterior walls and roofs to commercial counter tops. As a green builder product, Magnesium is a homogenous mineral.

Advantages of 1 Creation Construction Basement System Panels

Magnesium is a mineral based green builder product, and it is homogenous.
No organic solvents No oils or toxic ingredients No heavy metal salts No asbestos

Benefits of Using Magnesium in Building Material

Magnesium has various properties that make it ideal for use in building material. It is multipurpose, non-combustible, and versatile. The paperless construction panels offer higher durability over panels made from gypsum, cement, wood and paper particles. Along with being environment friendly, Magnesium also resists moisture, heat and mold. Using Magnesium in panels provides better impact resistance and higher sound attenuate.


1 Creation Construction Offers a Unique Design for Seamless Walls

Hidden Seams Without Divider Strips Or Vinyl Tape

1 Creation construction Basement System offers a unique way for home owners to design their basements as per their specifications and budgets. The paperless, seamless and smooth panel seam finish provided by 1 Creation Construction Basement System can help home owners in exhibiting their personal style in the finish of their basement. The unique process of finishing seams devised by 1 Creation Constrcution Basement Systems removes the unsightly divider stripes and vinyl tape between the wall panels. The seamless walls bring a sense of unity with the décor in the rest of home and also allow professional joints without taping and joint compound.


1 Creation Construction Walls Promote Healthy Living

1 Creation Constrcution walls are manufactured without PVC (polyvinyl chloride), fiberglass insulation or other hazardous materials. This results in a healthy, clean and quick installation. These walls enhance the indoor air quality and offer a “Green” basement system that is resistant to mold and moisture. Contact us today to learn more on how you can also make your home’s basement a perfect place for fun, relaxation and increased productivity.


The Disadvantages of using PVC: The Poison Plastic

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic, commonly referred to as vinyl, is a highly hazardous consumer product. It is present in our homes, factories, trash and it is harmful to human health through its entire life cycle. Through its lifecycle, PVC releases harmful chemicals such as mercury, dioxins, and phthalates which pose irreversible, life-long threats to health. PVC plastic releases dioxins when produced or burned and this group of synthetic chemicals can cause cancer and harm the immune and reproductive systems.

1 Creation Construction Basement System: Our Insulation

EPS water resistant basement panel

1 Creation Construction Basement System offers high quality insulation through Alligator panels that use EPS (Expanded Polystyrene). By using EPS in panel construction, 1 Creation Construction Basement System achieves a closed cell insulation construction which traps the air within the panels permanently giving the EPS rigidity and preventing leakage of air or moisture.

EPS water resistant basement panel

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) or beadboard, is a common material that has been used for common household insulation since the 1950s. An environment friendly material, EPS is also commonly used to make coffee cups and packing peanuts for shipping. Its manufacture does not include CFCs or HCFCs which are both ozone depleting chemicals.

EPS water resistant basement panel

Fiberglass insulation consists of air trapped between strands of molten glass. This construction can be seen under a microscope at 10x magnification. The Open Cell insulation allows air to enter and escape freely as the cells are not fully enclosed. Fiberglass insulated walls can lead to mold formation as it provides all three factors required for mold formation such as air circulation, moisture, and a nutrient base.
When it comes to 1 Creation Construction panels, you can rest assured of complete immunity from mold damage as these panels are constructed without any cavity inside the wall. The lack of cavities prevents moisture from getting inside the panels and thus prevents the walls from getting damaged by mold.

Contact 1 Creation Construction today to learn more about mold resistant EPS insulation.

Strong and Durablity 3 to 7 Times Stronger than Conventional Walls

1 Creation Construction Panels offer great durability and load bearing capacity because of their robust construction. The structural properties of the 1 Creation Construction Panels are the same as an I-Beam or I-Column. The core of the 1 Creation Construction Panel consists of a rigid EPS Insulation which acts as a web, while the Magnesium skin exhibits the same properties as flanges.

The 1 Creation Construction Structural Panels also make it easy to hang anything in any location. It is easy to attach a screw or a nail to the magnesium skin and you can hang a picture on it easily.



Loads are distributed or carried along the studs or joist, typically at 16”O/C Loads are distributed across the entire pane